Two-Factor Authentication is an extra security step you would need to complete to be able to log into your account. This security feature is mandatory on all accounts. 

If you would prefer to set this up via SMS, please click here.

We can't recommend a specific app but a popular example is Google Authenticator. 

You would be able to find apps like these by either checking Google Play Store, Apple App Store researching on the internet.

When enabling your 2FA via mobile, we have created a new feature to assist you and make the process smoother. Therefore, this guide will only apply if you are using a mobile device.

Click on Three Horizontal Lines symbol.

Click on Settings.

Click Enable 2FA via an Authenticator App.

Before proceeding, please bear in mind that losing access to this authentication method will result in having to complete a security procedure.

At this point, you should have an Authenticator application downloaded to your device. If not, we suggest downloading an application of your choice.

Tap on Link once the application has been downloaded.

Next, a 6 step tutorial on how to enable your 2FA via Authenticator Application will be displayed to you. Read each step carefully and tap on Start 2FA Verification once you are ready.

This is where you will need to apply the knowledge learned. Start by copying the code provided.

Once the code is copied to your device, open your Authenticator application. For this guide, we will be using Google Authenticator.

Tap on the Plus icon on the application and select Enter a Setup Key and paste the code as below.

 The application should now create a 6 digit code which you can copy by tapping on. Copy this code and head back to your Clover4X account.

Paste the code in the Authenticator field and tap on the Submit button.