The Funded Challenge dashboard lets you monitor your progress in the challenge from one convenient place.

If you have already received your credentials and would like to access your Funded Challenge Dashboard click/tap here.

The Dashboard is split into three sections, one showing the stats relating to your challenge account, one showing the requirements, and another showing your trade history.

Stats Section:

This section will display your account status, account size, current equity, current balance, the challenge start, and end dates, and the last time the account stats were synced with our servers.

Traders can sync their data by clicking/tapping on the "Sync Data" button, as shown below.

Requirements Section:

In this section, one will be able to view the challenge requirements, as well as keep track of how they are doing in each specific requirement.

Trading Section:

This section will allow you to view a detailed history of trades placed on the challenge account. 

You will also be able to view a chart displaying the number of trades placed across the challenge period, along with the profits and losses made over this time.