It is essential to follow the requirements indicated below to acquire a fully funded account. 

Failure to comply with the challenge criteria will result in disqualification from the challenge, however, do not be concerned! Traders are free to sign up for the challenge with multiple accounts simultaneously, as many times as they wish.

Phase 1: Get Familiar With The Challenge

10% Profit in 30 days
Minimum 10 days of trading
Daily Loss/Drawdown (Equity) of 5%
Max Overall Loss of 12% 

Phase 2: Master the Demo Trial

10% Profit in 30 days
Minimum 10 days of trading
Max Daily Loss/Drawdown (Equity) of 5%
Max Overall Loss of 12% 

After completing Phase2 successfully, a dedicated team of trade specialists will examine your account's trading patterns to determine whether the trader will be granted a Fully Funded account based on their performance.

Following the points listed below will further boost your chances of being granted a Funded Account:

- Taking consideration of the asset being traded, and its appropriate scaling across different time frames and market conditions.

- The trading strategies were implemented, along with the usage of trading tools. There are no preferred techniques, however, consistency is the key!

- The usage and altering of stop loss and take profits.

- Trading strategy in relation to market conditions influenced by news events.

- Position sizes and their timing in relation to market closures.

- It is ideal that profits are distributed evenly, and daily profits should ideally not exceed a maximum of 20%-30% of the overall profits made.

More information:

- Daily drawdown/max daily loss denotes the maximum amount of loss as a percentage that is allowed on a daily basis.

- This means that if a $25K account's equity increases/decreases by $2500, the equivalent profit/loss would be 10%.

- Although you are permitted a daily loss of 5%, the overall loss across the 30 days must not exceed 12% of the starting equity.