Clover4X is excited to bring forward a new challenge to put your trading skills to the test! 

The most capable and consistent traders will be able to acquire a trading account fully funded by Clover4X!

Click/tap here to see more information about the competition.

You can start the sign-up process by clicking/tapping here.

Choose the account size that you would like to partake in the competition with.

Successfully completing the competition will grant you a Funded Account of the same size.

From the drop-down menu, choose the desired account size, and click/tap on "Add to order" when you are ready to move forward.

In the Billing Details section, enter the information required, and click/tap on "Send Bitcoin".

A box will show a QR code and a Bitcoin address will appear. Scan the QR code or manually enter the address into your personal cryptocurrency wallet, and approve the payment.

Kindly note that you will need to calculate the total cost considering any fees from the Blockchain Network or your personal wallet, as these are not included in the challenge fee.

Click/tap here for more information about purchasing the challenge.

When the full payment is received, the trader will receive an email containing their Stage One login credentials, as well as the server that they will need to log into.

The challenge will begin as soon as the email is received.

Click/tap here to view the challenge requirements.

Click/tap here if you have already signed up and would like to access your Funded Account Dashboard.