Cybercrime is not something we should take lightly when using the internet. For this reason, Clover4X's wise leprechauns hope to shed some light on how you may stay safe online.

Our leprechauns never give out personal information such as passwords or bank details over the phone or any communication channel. Sincere companies would never ask for such information and proceed to identify your identity through different questions.

Don't get hooked by phishers. Some fraudsters may try to impersonate and deceive users using Clover4X's name. All our communication will include our domain name "Clover4X".

Not all that glitters is gold. Be aware of false web adverts, promising a large reward by simply clicking on the ad.

Check the security connection of websites you browse regularly. Secure and safe websites will indicate as "Connection secure" after clicking on a pad lock icon in the URL bar.

Don't download applications found from random, unsafe websites. This may cause your device to be infected by malware or viruses.

Install anti-virus and malware packages to fish out any malicious software which may be lurking in your device.

If you notice that your device may be affected by any of the above, contact an experienced technician immediately.