Please be advised that due to the fluctuation of the Market, Leverage options are subject to change. 

We offer multiple leverage options for different instruments/pairs. Changes in leverage may occur if a total equity of 500K USD or equivalent or more is added to an account:

Forex: 1:500 / 1:200
Cryptos: 1:100 / 1:50
Stocks: 1:20
Indices: 1:200 / 1:50
Energies: 1:200 / 1:50

Metals: 1:200 / 1:50


Turkish Lira: The leverage for pairs that involve this currency have been changed to 1:50 for the time being due to increased volatility surrounding this currency.

Shiba Inu - SHBUSD1000: The leverage for this cryptocurrency is 1:30.

Ripple- XRPUSD: The leverage has been changed from 1:100 to 1:50 until further notice due to the current unstable situation. 

Silver- XAGUSD:

 The leverage has been changed from 1:200 to 1:100 for the time being due to the current lability in the Silver market.