We will try to process your Withdrawal within 24 hours. 

A bitcoin Withdrawal would need 3-6 confirmations on the Blockchain before the funds credit your account. This would usually take 1-3 hours

To check up on your Bitcoin Withdrawal, you would need to go to

All you need to do is enter the Bitcoin address in the search box. 

Make sure you choose Bitcoin (BTC) and NOT Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The below information can help you identify the status of your withdrawal.

You have requested a withdrawal. 

Additional checks are being conducted or we have requested documents from you. Kindly check your email inbox. 

Standard security checks.

The Withdrawal has been approved. 

The funds have been processed on our end. (The Withdrawal has still has not received the 3-6 confirmations on the Blockchain) . 

We are waiting for you to enter your Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet Address so the payment can be processed. 

We rejected the Withdrawal. If your payment has been rejected, there will be a comment in the comment box and we will notify you via email.