To be able to sign up with Clover4X, you will need to follow the below procedure for guidance.

Go to the Corporate account Signup page: Click here.

Fill in the form, read the terms and conditions, then click the "Signup" button.

An email would be sent to the email address you used to register your account.

Click on “Complete Signup” to complete “Part 2” of the signup process.

If you do not find the email in your “Inbox”, please check your “Spam/Junk folder”.

Fill in the remainder then click "Create your account".

When entering your phone number, Please ensure that:

You are using the international format without any spaces or special characters, EG 15558008.

You do not need to add the + sign or 00 at the beginning of the number.

Your Date of Birth needs to be entered in the following format: DD/MM/YYYY.

You need to be over 18 years of age to open an account with us.