To be able to verify your account with Clover4X, you will need to follow the below procedure for guidance.

Please bear in mind that this process is mandatory on our platform and must be completed to unlock features on your account.

Tap on Identity Verification.

Choose the country that you reside in.

Accept the Terms and Conditions and consent to the Personal Data Processing by ticking the boxes. 

Choose the country of issue of your ID Document

Choose the type of ID Document you will be providing. 

We will be choosing ID Card for this example. 

After choosing the type, you need to scroll down to provide the front and back photos of your document. 


You will need to take a live selfie photo.

Tap I'm ready to get started. 

You will be asked for permission to allow the KYC tool to access the camera on your device. You will need to accept if you want to continue the verification process.

Confirming the information you have provided.

If you would like to change the ID document you have provided, you can tap Edit

If you are satisfied with the data provided, tap Next

At this stage, the system is checking the information you have provided. If we need any further documentation from you, we will notify you via email or leave a notification on the Documents section of your account.